2 comments on “The Undead Beloved: The Truth Behind Her Origins

  1. I like the idea that the woman from the water is actually a slave and I find your translation of the evidence compelling. My take on this is that while the body was a slave, it’s spirit was beloved’s.
    And the refrences of the slave ship could be the memories left in the possesd body, mirroring the baby spirit’s time in the grave, creating an interesting duality within the character.

    What this duality furthur personifies is beyond me at the moment, I wonder if there are any political or social messages being played with through the use of ‘Beloved’s’ character….

    • I had never thought of that idea before. The idea that Beloved could be a possessed being is intriguing! It definitely would add to the sense of “magical” within the contextual reality of my argument. I think the idea could work as an extended metaphor for slavery/ death and freedom. When you think of it like that, baby Beloved’s death is symbolic of the millions of slaves that were estimated to have died from the effects of slavery, and adult Beloved can represent the others that perished on slave ships. Also, I think adult Beloved also works as a symbol for the slaves who has survived slavery, but still had to live with the memories of those who were lost.

      As far as a sociopolitical commentary goes, I would say that there are a few. I think some of it link’s back to Thomas’s artifact on how freed slaves share a link with Holocaust survivors as well as other victims of genocide.

      I also think that this may also be a commentary on current human trafficking practices. Toni Morrison, being a contemporary author, would most likely been aware of this issue, and speaking as someone who has read her other works, I can say that everything she does as a writer is deliberate.

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