2 comments on “The Broken Family Disease – O.I.

  1. At first I was a little unsure of where you were going with the whole broken family thing, but I see it now and it’s a really great reading of all of this.

  2. I think something that you could also add to your argument to make it stronger is that fact that Sethe, Halle, and Baby Suggs were all slaves. Halle and Baby Suggs spent all, or most, of their lives doing physical labor in the fields; Sethe, on the other hand, was a domestic (i.e she was never forced to work outside of the home). If she suffers from this condition, it would be unknowingly. She never would have been put under the stress a regular field worker would have undergone, thereby avoiding instances in which she might have shown signs of fragility, marking her a useless slave.

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