4 comments on “Here Boy’s Role within Beloved

  1. I love it. The dog is too cute. Civilizations around the world and throughout time have believed in the hyper senses of animals to the supernatural. Cats were worshiped in Egypt. Eagles were thought to be spiritual guides for the native Americans. Owls were sometimes believed to be signs of death, and if you heard one hoot at night, you or someone you knew would die soon. Keeping with dogs, the ability of a dog to react to its owner’s emotions makes the idea of loyalty in the animals even stronger, although recent studies have said this is just animals reacting to our bodily functions and sweat glands giving off different smells. It’s still cool to believe the animals can sense supernatural forces or future disasters for us, though.

    • Thank you for making the point that animals as a whole are viewed as extra sensitive to the supernatural. I was only focusing on our canine friends but your right, the symbolic nature we place on animals definitely skews our belief’s.
      I also agree that science seems to explain these ‘supernatural’ powers but its more fun to think there could be something more.

  2. My initial reaction when reading the novel was that the dog could sense that something was wrong with Beloved. I just accepted that this was due to Beloved’s ethereal existence. Animals usually seem to possess some sort of extra sense, akin to Spider-man’s “spider sense” that kicks in when danger is around.

    I feel like there is a Disney movie that can be related to this…but I’m struggling to remember it. Like, an animal that lives with a ghost, or something. Now I’m going to spend the rest of the night trying to figure this out.

    • well the only animated movie I can think of is “All Dogs go to Heaven”, where the main dog comes back to life, but I don’t think that is what your thinking of haha

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